Homeopathic Vodka was invented about 850 years ago in Poland but the inventors had no idea what they had discovered until almost 650 years later when Samuel Hahnemann invented1 Homeopathy in 1796.

In the late 12th century, after distilling vodka, the distilleries would wash out their equipment with fresh water before starting a new batch. It turned out that the wastewater resulting from rinsing the equipment was discarded. Had they known of Hahnemann's later invention1 , the distilleries would have kept that wastewater, further diluted and succussed it and been providing some of the purest and most potent Vodka ever - 850 years ago!

Sadly, the world was not able to enjoy or understand the benefits2 of Homeopathic Vodka until we perfected our process in 1992.

Since 1992, our team of Doctors3 have spread out to visit nearly every source of fresh water in the world and, as a result, you (If you live in an area that derives its water from sources other than desalination) can enjoy Homeopathic Vodka inexpensively and with little effort.