• Yes, invented. Since Homeopathy is not actually a discovery, the more correct word is "invented". The proper term is "made up" but doesn't sound as sciencey.

  • Cures thirst. Only mildly toxic. Fairly deadly if consumed in large amounts. Often deadly if inhaled. Is used in a number of forms of torture.

  • Not real Doctors - just Naturopaths and Homeopaths.

  • If you accept that the definition of "Law" is "whacky idea that has no resemblance to what science calls 'Laws'", they're laws alright.

  • Must contain carbon - so pretty much anything.

  • We don't know. Just as our Doctors3 don't have any science-based education, our Lawyers8 have no legal education.

  • Anecdotes, in the world of Homeopathy, trump all other forms of evidence. Please ignore the nay-saying scientists that say that humans, dogs (and many other animals) have died when submerged in Homeopathic Vodka.

  • Not real Lawyers - they just play them on TV.