Below are some actual comments we have received - many of them required some editing to make them even slightly coherent. We welcome your feedback but please re-read your comments before sending them and please don't send comments while under the influence of Homeopathic Vodka.

Submission: I am a registered Homeopath and you are making a mockery out of my profession. I went to school for a long time and studied, in-depth, diagnosing and treating patients. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Our Reply: Thank you for redefining a number of words (profession, school, studied, in-depth, diagnosing and treating). Also the word you were looking for was not "ashamed", it was "proud". Thank you for your kind words.

Submission: This is bullshit. What makes this stuff anything different than water?

Our reply: Nothing. Just like Homeopathic "medicines" are no different from sugar or water or alcohol (depending on what you are getting). See How Does Homeopathy Work?

Submission: Why do you have such a problem with Homeopathy? It has no side-effects.

Our reply: Why did you put the word, "side" in front of "effects"? You answered your own question.

Submission: Allopathic medicine thinks it has all the answers but people have been using this for hundreds of years with great success.

Our reply: The word "success" does not mean what you think it does or it simply does not apply in the context you used it. Anyone who uses the term "allopathic" deserves to be cured of TWS (Thick Wallet Syndrome) - some common treatments of Thick Wallet Syndrome can be found by visiting Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Psychics or anyone who practices any of the following: Acupuncture, Healing Touch, Applied Kinesiology, Reiki or Ear Candling (this list is not exhaustive).

Submission: I have personally met people who have been cured of cancer by using Homeopathy. What do you say to that?

Our Reply: You may have personally met someone who claims to have been cured of cancer. We have met people who have claimed they can fly. We have met people who have claimed they are Jesus. We have met people who have claimed that they can walk through walls. We have met people who have claimed that they can build a perpetual motion machine. We have met people who claimed they can talk to the dead. Anyone can claim anything they want - do you believe everything without a shred of evidence? (Send us $1,200 and we'll give you the winning lottery numbers.)

Submission: If science-based medicine is so good, why haven't they cured cancer? There is too much money in treating cancer that they'll never release any cure that is found.

Our reply: First of all, many cancers have been cured and even better than curing cancer would be the prevention of it. For example, Gardasil, a vaccine that will make your kids have reckless sex just like seatbelts make your kids play smash-up derby with their cars, prevents HPV strains that actually cause cancer. (If there is not enough money in a cure for cancer, there is even less money in a preventative for cancer. Logic fail.) Secondly, if it was about money, the "leader" of the most valuable company in the world, Apple, would not have died of cancer. (Sadly, he may have died sooner because he chose to delay science-based medical treatments for his condition.)

Submission: If this is such pure Vodka, why can't I light it on fire?

Our reply: We're one step ahead of you! First of all, it is Homeopathic Vodka and not the Vodka with all those harmful side-effects. Secondly, when our doctors3 visited the water sources to put the droplet of Vodka in the water, they also applied a single droplet of gasoline. Following the laws4 of Homeopathy, that turned the world's water sources into a massive reserve of fire suppressant. So not only is the water in your bottle an excellent source of hydration, it can actually help put out fires! (Since most of the expense was in getting to the fresh water sources, we also added a drop of hand soap, dish soap and disinfectant. The chemical solution in your bottle of Homeopathic Vodka should be helpful in rinsing your hands, cleaning a scrape or small wound and, in a pinch, rinsing your dishes.)

Submission: Can I drink Homeopathic Vodka while using Homeopathic Remedies?

Our reply: ARE YOU CRAZY? Do you know nothing about Homeopathy? You should never, ever, ever, ever use Homeopathic Vodka to wash down Homeopathic remedies - not only because that would be silly but because there is no such thing as a Homeopathic Remedy.

Submission: Can I get pissed on this stuff?

Our reply: To achieve "pissed", you simply hand out bottles of this stuff at a primary school. That'll make some people pissed.

Submission: In your FAQ, one of the questions is "Is this site serious?" and you answer it with "Is the earth 6000 years old?". The earth is 6000 years old but I don't think this site is serious.

Our reply: Sorry for the confusion. The age of the earth question wasn't so clear. Our answer to the FAQ question should say: "Did god create the earth about 1000 years after the Sumerians created glue?"